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From August 2008 to June 2009 I was employed by Michael Laub and Alan Hansen of Re-Bath of Spokane and Re-Bath of Reno. These guys now operate Luxury Bath of Spokane, Luxury Bath of Idaho, Luxury Bath of Boise and Luxury Bath of Reno.

I was employed as a sales consultant selling one day bath remodeling projects such as acrylic tub liners, shower remodeling, tub-to-shower conversions, and walk-in bath tubs. I was to be paid a 10% commission; to be paid as the company collected the money from the customers, which is common in the industry.

Early 2009, Alan Hansen decided to terminate another sales consultant. He expressed concern concerning the commissions he had earned. My wife (who was the administrative assistant in Spokane at the time) and I both assured him Alan Hansen would pay him as the jobs were installed and the money collected from the customer.

By April it became clear that Alan Hansen and Re-Bath of Spokane were not going to pay him. At this time I decided to leave this company. I will never work for a company that will blatantly cheat their sales personnel.

I left the company on June 10, to work for another one day bath remodeling company in Seattle (which by the way paid me every penny after I left their employ). Soon afterword it became clear that Alan Hansen and Michael Laub intended to rip me off also.

Alan Hansen and Michael Laub owed me about $13,000. Through the help of my attorney, I recovered a little more than $10,000 of my commissions. I am stilled owed about $3000.

It really is sad that I have to go through what is almost a 6 month ordeal to collect what is mine. I had to travel to Spokane with my wife for us to testify for the terminated sales consultant on August 5, 2009. The judge hearing that case awarded him the commissions that Alan Hansen and Michael Laub tried to steal from him. I am out money to retain an attorney. I now have to travel, at least two more times to Spokane, To file suit and appear in court to recover the balance of what is owed me.

Mr. Hansen and Mr. Laub are clearly unethical in the manner they conduct business. They have since lost their Re-Bath franchise and now operate as Luxury Bath of Spokane, Luxury Bath of Reno and Luxury Bath of Boise, Idaho. Please do yourself a favor, whether you are a prospective employee or a prospective customer, STAY AWAY! There are other legitimate companies in Spokane, Reno and Boise to work for or do business with.

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pissed employee is actually Rod Moehlmann an alcoholic who used to hire child molesters and give them jobs as unlicensed sales consultants and send them into peoples homes. Not only can he NOT keep a job he posts slanderous allegations about former employers who gave him a chance all over the internet.

Pissed Employee

In response to Re-Bath of Spokane/Luxury Bath of Spokane, the majority partner has stepped in to resolve and make right the issues which were solely an employee/employer relationship. The complaint was in no way a reflection of customer satisfaction or service. Luxury Bath of Spokane, Boise and Reno, by all accounts, appears to be a good choice for a bath remodel.

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